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Mechanical Permit Application

  1. city seal color

  2. City of Kinston
    Inspections and Code Enforcement Division

    Office: 252-939-4021 ~ Fax: 252-939-3127

  3. Mechanical Permit Application

  4. Description of work: Please specify is new or replacement equipment and include type such as gas pack, package heat pump (php), or split system (sshp), tonnage

  5. Please check here if you are claiming the Electric Permit Fee Exemption

  6. Note:

    A separate electric permit is needed if wiring is replaced or upgraded. Also, a duct leakage certificate is required when applicable

  7. Permit Fees

    Please check all applicable fees

  8. Minimum

  9. New Construction

    Total sqft includes heated and unheated of all floors, garages, porches, etc.

  10. Other:

  11. Please Note:

    If you are installing or replacing fuel burning equipment in a dwelling please be sure the building is equipped with a working carbon monoxide detector installed per NC Codes before you begin work. No approvals or connects will be issued until compliance is verified.

  12. I hereby certify that all information on this application is true and correct and that all work will comply
    with North Carolina State Building Codes and all other applicable state and local laws, ordinances and

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