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Gas Piping Permit Application

  1. city seal color

  2. City of Kinston
    Inspections and Code Enforcement Division

    Office: 252-939-4021 ~ Fax: 252-939-3127

  3. Gas Piping Permit Application

  4. Use:

  5. Type of an # of Appliances:

    Note: *Generator installation applicants must provide fuel piping plan, make and model of generator, and pipe and regulator size.

  6. Fuel Type

  7. Please Note:

    Piping Plans may be required if installation is > than 1 outlet

  8. I hereby certify that all information on this application is true and correct and that all work will comply
    with North Carolina State Building Codes and all other applicable state and local laws, ordinances and
    regulations. The Inspections Department will be notified of any changes in the approved plans and specification for the project permitted herein.

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