Employee information and Summaries of Benefits such as medical coverage through Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina, and a summary of the standard PPO coverage and HSA are provided to assist the employee in determining which coverage is best for the employee.
Dental and Vision as well as life insurance is found on our MetLife Summary. Note that the Vision has two plans, one low and one high to assist employees in additional coverage of exams, frames, and lenses.
The Employee Summary covers the cost to the employee per benefit, plus an array of information on other benefits such as vacation leave, sick leave, and holidays.
Under Benefit Forms you will find applications for all of our healthcare benefits. The Premium Conversion Benefit Plan Cost gives the cost per benefit for the employee as well as their dependents if they choose to add them to their plan. The Wellness packet will assist the employee in understanding the program and point system for WellBucks.
Tax form for both Federal and NC State are placed here for easy access to our employees.